Most of us recognize that allowing another person to take control of our minds through hypnotism is not a good thing. But what about cases where persons with evil intentions control the minds of others against their will? Is it even possible? Is it possible to control and program children’s minds so that they can be used for the controller’s purposes? Most of us would rather not think about such things. But Satan is the master controller, and for those in the occult world, control is one of the “benefits” they reap. Control is the currency of the occult, by whatever name it may go.

A couple of interesting books on the subject of mind control are probably labeled mere “conspiracy theory” by some, but the story of this couple has the ring of authenticity. Unfortunately, the writers do not have the advantage of a truly Christian perspective. Yet their basic value system harmonizes with biblical teachings.

The story of Cathy O’Brien is a tragic one, but it is also a story of hope because she escaped from a system of mind control through the aid of her husband who had once been involved in ¬†mind programming for what he thought were good purposes. This gave him the knowledge to know how to de-program Cathy and allow her to have control over her own mind. Trance Formation of America is the first volume, published¬†n 1995 after the 1947 National Security Act was invoked to censor this testimony from the US Congressional Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Oversight. I have not personally read this book because I felt I could not afford the time. But for someone who has a need to know, this might be the best starting point.

The next book, Access Denied for Reasons of National Security continues where Trance Formation left off. It’s the book I read, and it’s not light reading, and it is long. (408 pages in Paperback.) It deals with Cathy’s recovery from mind control and her recalling things of the past which had been locked up in her mind by design. It deals with her fight to rescue her daughter from the same fate that she endured. It deals with government corruption, and it names names. It relates the kind of things one would rather not know. But burying heads in the sand is not particularly good for ostriches and even less so for humans. The events shared in this book remind us that Satan is the prince of this world and that Jesus said that the last days shall be “like the days of Noah” to which the Bible testifies that “men’s thoughts were only evil continually.”

While I would not recommend these books to most people, I believe they could be helpful to those who have had brushes with mind control – either of themselves or of loved ones. The bottom line is that genuine love sets the mind free – even for those who may not know God in a personal way. But I believe that it is His Spirit that breaks the chains of mind control slavery.